They are so supportive and interested in my career.

I truly believe that in one year at PrairieView I learned as much as I would have in 5 years of self study. It was a incredible experience. I developed an amazing network of friends and I still follow some of the teachers on instagram, I watch their websites and I see that they are watching me. It is rewarding to know that they are so supportive and interested in my career. 

— Tina Jansen

The right choice.

When I picked up a camera and said "I want to do this", PrairieView was the right choice to make it happen fast, while being surrounded by lots of fun, knowledgeable photographers. 

— Ryan Bergen

PrairieView became my second family.

Who knew that going back to school could be so exciting? The teachers, staff and students at PrairieView were truly amazing and became my second family. I thought I knew a lot about photography before I applied but I had a lot to learn. I'm very thankful for the skills they helped me develop and the help they gave me to start my new business!

— Katie Mirrlees

One of the best experiences of my life.

I was never really involved in school and I've never worked particularly hard at it either. Until PrairieView. PrairieView was one of the best experiences of my life. There's nothing better than being surrounded by amazing, like-minded people all day, and learning about something you're passionate about from a group of extremely talented and experienced teachers. 

—   Cassie Steep   


PrairieView was crucial to my success in the industry.

PrairieView helped me develop my skills in photography quickly and gave me great insights into the industry. Perhaps more importantly though, PrairieView helped me establish a network in the industry allowing me to work with other talented photographers and grow my own business. My connection with PrairieView has been crucial to my success in the industry.

Scott Zielke

I am beyond happy I followed the light that led me here.

I have been at PrairieView for eleven weeks now and I have never doubted my decision to come here. I love the environment at school and I cannot believe I get to wake up every morning to talk, play and learn about photography. I am beyond happy that I followed the light that led me here. 

Reanne Berard


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