Currently based in Toronto, Aaron is committed to exploring traditional cultures as they face the realities of the modern world. Aaron won gold in the 2013 Society of Publications Designers Awards for his commission for the New Yorker Magazine on the Iditarod, and won the 2012 Daylight Photo Award.

Aaron's clients include The New YorkerThe New York TimesTIME MagazineThe Wall Street Journal, VISION MagazineMaisonneuveMacleansThe Canadian Press and The Globe and Mail.

PHoto PV Grad  Daniel Menheer

PHoto PV Grad Daniel Menheer

Cory’s passion for photography developed after a house fire that destroyed everything but an old camera. And his first reaction was to use that camera to photograph the charred remnants of his family home. Since graduating in 2004 Cory has become one of Winnipeg's leading commercial photographers, known for his creative lighting and attention to detail.

PrairieView was a great building block for my career, without PrairieView it would have taken a lot longer to get to where I am now.


PHOTO BY PV GRAD  Megan Wilson


A traveler and a dreamer at heart, Lani Elias moved from New Zealand to southern Manitoba and is now based in Vancouver. While studying at PrairieView Lani developed an appreciation for old-school film photography and now blends traditional techniques with a thoroughly modern style to create unique fine-art wedding images.

My year at PrairieView set me up with a solid technical understanding of photography. The highlight was being surrounded daily by some really incredible people and inspiring artists. These people are now my friends, and are a great network to have now that we are all out of school and working in the industry across the country. 



Born in Argentina, Samanta Katz graduated from PrairieView in 2011. Since then, Samanta has worked as the in-house photographer for Nygard International, Samanta and as a freelance commercial, portraiture and fashion photographer for clients such as Red River College, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, The City of Winnipeg, EPH Apparel, St Vital Mall, Voila per Andreanne, Lennard Taylor and many more. 

I knew alot about photography when I started PrairieView. I left knowing a whole lot more! PV gave me the tools and confidence to enter the industry. It inspired me to work and set everything in motion to get to where I am today.


 Carmin currently photographs and lives out of Toronto, Ontario. Since graduating PrairieView in 2008, she has lived and shown art work in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ottawa, and now Toronto, Ontario. Carmin has continued to explore her creativity through portraiture and personal connections with newly engaged couples, blossoming families, and all the wonderful humans celebrating their wedding day.

In 2013, Carmin went back to photography school to challenge herself and learn more about studio lighting and fashion photography. Since graduating, she is working on making a name for herself in the fashion industry within Canada and beyond. Still quite new to the scene, but ultimately continues to work towards her goal of becoming a long-lasting and creative photographer.

PrairieView was one of the best years of my life for creative growth. The teachers and environment encouraged my creativity to blossom. The importance on film and printing was so essential to understand the fundamentals of photography. The daily challenge was a great test to my abilities and strengths. Such a great place for a young artist to flourish. 

Since graduating in 2007, Casey Nolin has travelled on press trips throughout Israel and Europe and has had her photos published in national magazines. Now back in Winnipeg after several years in Toronto, she shoots everything from weddings and portraits to travel and fine art.

My passion for art and my professional successes are all thanks to PrairieView. From the moment I walked in on the first day I knew I was meant for this industry. PV taught me that working hard and persevering is the only way to make it out there. 



In less than a year after graduating from PrairieView, Camryn has become one of Winnipeg's most active wedding and boudoir photographers. Known for her friendly, upbeat personality, Camryn earns high praise from her clients for her unique approach to capturing precious moments and the beauty of the female form. 

Photography has been my passion for many years and at PrairieView I learned so much about the craft and industry. Now I wake everyday grateful that I get to use a camera as an outlet for my creativity. 



Since graduating in 2011, Tina Jansen has pursued portrait and boudoir photography. I love to make women feel and look beautiful so boudoir photography was a natural progression for my business. My goal is to give them more than just beautiful photographs, I want to give them an amazing experience.

I believe that in one year at PrairieView I learned as much as I would have in 5 years on my own. It was an incredible experience. I developed an amazing network of friends and I still follow some of the teachers on Instagram, I watch their websites and I see that they are watching me. It is rewarding to know that they are so supportive of my career.

Photo by PV Grad  Katie Mirrlees

Photo by PV Grad Katie Mirrlees

After graduation from PrairieView in 2009, Ebonie Klassen has had many of her dreams come true as a professional portrait specialist. Photographing everything from children and families to commercial and event coverage for Winnipeg-based businesses, her work has been featured on billboards, magazines, newspapers, company websites and print brochures. 

PrairieView helped me grow and train in a profession that I so passionately wanted to learn about. The teachers were amazingly patient with me sharing their knowledge and always pushing me to do better technically and creatively -to think outside "the box".

Gabrielle Touchette

Gabrielle Touchette launched her photo career  after graduating from PrairieView in 2008. Her greatest joy now comes from capturing candid moments to create eye-catching portraits and wedding images. 

PrairieView helped me fine-tune my technical skills, inspired me to think more creatively and encouraged me to explore photography in ways I had never thought possible. It was a great stepping stone into a dream career, and I'm grateful for the great experience it offered.


When you ask Dwayne Larson, one of the hardest working band photographers around why he also shoots weddings he says: I love love... Its that simple. You may call me a wuss or whatever but ya know what? I love the craziness that surrounds that whole day. Shooting a live rock show and shooting a wedding have a lot in common; you are never quite sure what is going to happen. 

Studying at PrairieView was a great experience for me. It gave me a good photographic foundation on which to build my business.


Kiandra Jefferey

Photo by PV Grad  Megan Wilson

Photo by PV Grad Megan Wilson

Since graduating in 2013, Kiandra has flourished as a professional photographer.  She recently accepted an offer with international award-winning Cooked Photography based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Prairieview gave me the structure to be constantly learning, while also giving me enough freedom to be creative within each class and assignment. It created such a strong foundation for my career in photography. They taught a lot of studio lighting, which I didn't think would end up being part of my career, and it turned out to be a large part of my work after graduating. I wouldn't have had the absolutely amazing opportunities I've had so far, or my close knit group of friends and community without Prairieview.


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